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Client Testimonials

Read what staisfied clients have said about Hemisphere Clinical Hypnotherapy services. For anxiety, stress, health issues, brain injuries, quit smoking, lose weight, bad habits, phobias, confidence, self-esteem and more.

Read what Clients have said about my Services:

Thank you for your excellent work during my final days in Auckland. Your CDs are still with me now. My ability to better deal with the many transitions was transformed by your inspirational gentle sessions. I came to see you originally because of writers block and managed to achieve getting through that and so much more. Your sessions became a treasured experience that will stay with me for a very long time.

I was slightly hesitant to seek out a hypnotist but your guided meditations were perfect. Your scientific knowledge was reassuring and made me comfortable about the entire process. I have already recommended your services to others and I know one of my friends is seeing you with great benefits as well.

My wish for you is a thriving practice so that many others will benefit from the excellent work you do.
KF (Auckland)

As a 26 year smoking veteran and total sceptic I was weary of how effective hypnosis would be. I knew someone else who it had worked for so gave it a go. Within 5 minutes of the session I knew it was going to work; Rox had worked me out totally and designed the session so it was going to be a success. Not sure how long it's been as smoking is just a distant past memory and very rarely does the thought of smoking come to mind. I still sit with smokers and go drinking, both situations primary times for me to smoke and I don't give a thought to smoking.

I have and will continue to mention my success with Rox to as many people as I can and I know many have been helped by Rox also. Thanks Rox and may the force stay with you.
BW (Wellington)

I went to Rox for help with weight loss. What makes her different from other hypnotherapists I have been to is her ability to explain clearly how hypnotherapy works. Now I fully appreciate and trust the magic that is Hypnotherapy because I know it isn't magic but science - even if its immediate effect feels like magic. I am practising and remembering and feeling better about myself and I now have both understanding and tools to help change my mind and stop eating for the wrong reasons.

Thank you - I feel better and more positive than I have in a long time - you have given me hope, confidence and control and the tools to keep me that way.
HL (Raumati Beach)

Just to let you know I was big and brave today and gave blood without any issues. This was even with me waiting for ten mins in the waiting room tapping my KC point. All good so far you are a star.
Steve (Wellington)

My son (14) saw Rox for assistance with a long standing eating disorder. Rox was very comfortable to deal with, put us both at ease immediately. She quickly found common ground between her and my son. She explained what she was going to do and how she expected it to work. She has a lovely soothing voice and the session was very relaxing. The muscle testing results were very interesting.

We have already noticed a difference in the foods that my son is prepared to try, we realise that our issue will take a while to resolve fully but noticed immediate differences after each session and after a month we are still seeing positive shifts in behaviour.
JS (Wellington)

We have behavioural issues with our son (8) and I was at the end of my tether. I heard of Rox and thought I would give it a go. I was impressed to find she had a background in medical biochemistry and has a special interest in kids like him.

I took him to her on the pretext of going to visit a friend of mine. He took an instant liking to her and she related to him perfectly. When he was interrupting her she found a way to focus his interest on something related to what she was talking to him about. He felt so comfortable and related so well to her that he wanted to make a gift for her when he left and came straight home and made it.

I cannot always get him to do the exercises, however I am doing them on him just before he goes to sleep so the message can still go in subliminally. It is early days but I have noticed a slight improvement in his behaviour, so will continue and hope he will do the exercises himself soon.
Tracey (Wellington)

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